The World is Unquestionably Mobile

Global mobile internet use exceeded that of desktops in 2016, and industry analyst firm IDC concluded that "mobility has become a core requirement for most enterprise applications." To be competitive and productive in today’s market, companies must embrace a mobile-first strategy for new applications and mobile-enable their existing ones.

In addition to introducing new platforms, operating systems and form-factors, mobilization has elevated user’s expectations of software. Today’s users have zero tolerance for anything less than a first-class experience on their mobile devices, regardless of whether it is a consumer app or a line-of-business solution. A successful mobile app requires exceptional user experience design, powered by exceptional software.

InfoMagnus brings the best user experience design, software engineering, and quality assurance talent together to deliver innovative solutions that meet the high expectations of today’s most demanding users.

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Platform Expertise

Most mobile apps need to be delivered to multiple mobile platforms. With the recent explosion in tablets, multiple form-factors need to be considered. At InfoMagnus, we have expertise building for every major platform and form-factor. At InfoMagnus, we know Mobile App Development, and we can guide you through the entire development process to make your mobile app idea a reality.

Customer Experience Strategy

Turn your data into context in order to create a seamless directed journey for users. Today, a large setback company’s face digitizing their offerings is loss of the speed and agility needed to lead their market. We can help you strategically traverse to new digital channels that provides a consistent user experience across multiple platforms.

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