Designing and delivering people-first business solutions that empower people to do their best work.

Our technical team bring over fifteen years of SharePoint development expertise with extensive knowledge in engagements at the enterprise level as well as mid-size companies. We use the best of Microsoft's enterprise technology to build Office 365 and SharePoint intranets and portals that are the right fit for you. Whether your focus is better internal communications and collaboration, enhanced productivity or better customer service, we’ll create a solution that helps you work the way you want to, now and as you evolve in the future. We partner with your team to truly understand your business goals. To achieve your goals, we bring the following solutions and services:

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SharePoint Consulting

We provide consulting and customization services. Our team delivers solutions so you can create a collaborative work environment with fine- tailored SharePoint services.

SharePoint Development
and Support

You’ve got a SharePoint Challenge? We can handle it. With over 15 years in SharePoint development, InfoMagnus delivers custom SharePoint Development Services followed by long-term support and maintenance

SharePoint Migration

Implement SharePoint migration to keep in step with your ever-growing business needs. We tackle the migration challenge for higher efficiency of your SharePoint deployment.

SharePoint Health Assessment

Keep your finger on the pulse of your deployment and make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Customer Facing Portals

Unlock the benefits of a customer portal, as we provide a great self-service experience for your customers to increase their engagement and satisfaction.

Corporate Portals and Intranets

Let your portal emphasize your uniqueness. Acquire a significant competitive edge through the effective and secure information sharing across the company boundaries.

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