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Driving Digital Transformation

Cloud platforms provide on-demand, infinite-scale computing resources at minimal cost with no long-term commitment and no up-front investment. They have commoditized computing and enabled low-risk innovation by small startups and large enterprises, alike. Odds are nearly every mobile app and website you use today is powered by the cloud.

Today’s cloud platforms are much more than virtual computers in a remote data center. They provide a wide variety highly specialized application services. They allow businesses to focus investment on their unique business processes and value propositions, and avoid losing time and money creating application “plumbing” that is not unique to them. However, to realize this benefit, businesses need a partner who understands the landscape of available services and knows how to assemble and leverage them to maximum affect.

InfoMagnus has extensive experience with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. We’ve helped startups launch and big enterprises innovate with our strategy, architecture, implementation, and optimization services.

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Cloud Strategy

InfoMagnus works closely with our clients to create a cloud strategy that best enables their business strategy. We’ll help you understand how to leverage the cloud to accelerate time to market, minimize cost, and implement an effective cloud-based DevOps process that supports continuous innovation, enables data-driven optimization, and maximizes system availability and reliability.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud platforms provide a huge array of valuable services that are designed to be assembled together into a cohesive solution. Architects must understand which services to use for a given business or technical requirement, how they can be most effectively integrated, and how to design an application to gain maximum. Our team has SaaS, B2B, B2C, and LOB solutions for many industries and domains.


Cloud application developers must master modern programming paradigms, technologies and techniques that enable robust applications in a highly-distributed environment. InfoMagnus can provide turn-key development services to bring ideas to market faster, or we can augment internal product teams to provide relevant skills and experience.

Cloud Migration

Cloud benefits are not limited to new applications. IT organizations can lower costs by migrating internal applications to the cloud. In many cases, this can be done without any modifications to the application code. InfoMagnus can help evaluate internal applications, identify any potential obstacles, define a migration strategy, and perform the migration.

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