Data is Available in Abundance Today

Organizations are now able to collect data through multiple avenues. Realizing value from collected data is where the difference lies between a successful and not so successful organization.

Business leaders recognize that their executive team is more open to strategic decisions made based on facts presented by data than those based on gut feeling. The availability of many vendors and products offering technologies to process them and present data make it possible for everyone to get the basic reporting and analytics. The real differentiator is the data integration expertise, appropriate application of the analytical algorithms and delivery of actionable data points for the business users.

The Business Intelligence team at InfoMagnus is the differentiator you are looking for. Our BI team’s experience spans over years through which the BI concepts and technologies have evolved. Hence our team is uniquely positioned to guide your organization through the stages of BI maturity to realize the full potential of your data. We assist you by providing the following services:

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Data Visualization

Ability to see your data appropriately helps you draw actions from it. Our experts can make your data speak to you with the help of powerful visuals through mediums of your choice. Data visualization can tell you what happened, what is happening and what will happen, in a way that would drive your staff to action.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is no more only for statisticians. We know the right algorithms, right tools to help all business users reap the benefits of advanced analytics. With appropriate use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, we help you draw new insights into your business using your data in a cost-effective way and help you realize significant ROI of your data collection.

Data Governance and Management

In a time of abundant availability of data and effortless data collection, data governance and management becomes significant for organizations to stand out. Defining adequate corporate data policies around master data management, meta-data standardization, security and compliance is critical. Our experienced consultants could guide you through phased enforcement of such policies.

Big Data

Once dust settles on the hype of the topic, it is time to identify if and how it applies to your organization. Our expertise in multiple Big data implementation projects can help you harness new data sources in creative ways to achieve unprecedented value and competitive advantage. We help you identify appropriate use cases to leverage big data solutions and help apply big data technologies to your current situations.

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